boitel & victor are humousexual

they live in b-e-r-l-i-n & s-a-r-f-l-o-n-d-o-n

they mostly remember how their songs go

an unreleased relic called "tali song" is on the 2016 indietracks compilation



9-song self-released 3" cd-r 4-song 7" on everard 7-song self-released cd 25-song free download
october 2013 january 2012 november 2011 2003-2005



in 2014 a sea-themed cd-r ep was released by odd box (crackle! fuzz! pop! singles club).


there are humousexual songs on all three riotsnotdiets compilation lps on brighton's tuff enuff records

"go west" on why diet when you could riot (2012)
"all day i dream about slampt" on carry on rioting (2013)
"the deviant sounds of batty street" on i know why the caged grrrl sings (2014)




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